Ticking Time Bombs

tickingtimebombsscreamingsoupcopyright2015First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Ticks”

Drink of choice: Oxygenated blood

Favorite Treat: Protein bars

In the ruthless world of Crosslands competitive sports, few compare to the awesome might that is the Ticking Time Bombs. Merciless warriors, these twin towers of pain and gain have dominated countless opponents from the Deathwind Desert to the Massacre Mountains in every manner of sport. With their nigh invulnerable exoskeletons, superb strength, and short fuse personalities, they’ve broken numerous records from tag team wrestling championships to strong man tournaments, making them a feared force few dare challenge. Highly competitive, these arachnid gym rats roam the most infamous gyms in constant search of their next challenge. One such challenge was arm wrestling Deadwest and Peyote over chainsaws for accidentally destroying the Ticking Time Bombs’ coveted Monument of Might. Deadwest and Peyote won the match with an unexpected over the top strategy, putting the shamed powerhouses in debt to them to help rid the Howl-Inn Grub and Spirits of their arch nemesis, Buzzkill.


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