First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Tusk

Drink of choice: Mudslide

Favorite Treat: Pop Rocks

The homicidal ghost known as Rawhead is a permanent resident of the House of Escher, the most haunted estate in the Fever Swamps. A sentient structure that feasts on trespassers, the house captured Rawhead when he entered its haunted corridors as an innocent screen door salesman. Trapped and tortured for a cruel amount of time by the house’s ghostly minions, Rawhead was confined to a rubber room and subjected to a ruthless form of electro shock therapy that involved metal forks and a microwave. Giving in to the house after countless sessions that cooked him to a deformed crisp, Rawhead was consumed, and his spirit forced to serve the House of Escher’s needs as one of its spectral conduits corralling other trespassers to feed its ravenous appetite.

Like every spirit in the House of Escher, Rawhead can float and phase through walls, but he’s also an undead dynamo with the ability to manipulate his ectoplasm’s electrical properties and focus it into concentrated bolts of lightning for attacks. He’s normally seen paired with Bloody Bones who helps him fight the house’s most resilient occupant yet, Vince.

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