Jerky the Bear

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars!”

First Official Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Prophecy

Mention Jerky the Bear in the Massacre Mountains and even the toughest lumberjacks start running! Scarier than any campfire story, Jerky’s the supernatural protector of a region that once belonged to a proud people of the Beegone tribe who thrived off the area’s abundance of honey mines. Word of this unnatural resource eventually reached a greedy organization that invaded  the Beegone’s land for control of the mines, leading to an intense and bloody confrontation that wasn’t in the Beegone’s favor. After months of war torn conflict, the final Beegone warrior fell in the heat of battle and cursed the land in the name of Kumainu, a demi-god the tribe worshiped.

As the organization exploited the mines and surrounding land for ill-gotten profit, business began to suffer when a killer resembling their mascot, Jerky the Bear, was being blamed for job site disasters and employee fatalities. These rumors steadily blew up into the organization’s downfall when this same mysterious beast nearly burned the entire operation down in one of the worst forest fires the Crosslands has ever seen. Survivors of the catastrophe claim an unholy force had possessed one of the organization’s Jerky totems and was avenging the Beegone tribe.

Since that night, Jerky’s become the fabled guard dog of the Beegone’s old stomping grounds, killing any trespassers who might abuse their land. If even the slightest incursion takes places, he springs into action with an old bush ax he wields with monstrous muscle while breathing fire down upon his enemies. Thanks to Jerky’s knack for running, swimming, and climbing after interlopers, few have ever escaped his wrath. What was left of any survivors eventually convinced the residents of the Massacre Mountains to avoid the honey mines at all costs, and the lack of activity sent Jerky into a wooden state of hibernation.

When the Iron Horsemen of Doom kidnapped Billy to be the unholy sacrifice for their masters’ rise to power, they returned to the underworld through a hidden cave entrance in the heart of the Beegone’s territory. Deadwest chased after them with a rescue team he assembled and woke Jerky from his stiff slumber as soon as they entered the cursed land. Compelled by the fate of the Beegone tribe, Jerky unleashed a ferocious attack on his intruders and killed Roogaroo in the process. He pursued the remainder of Deadwest’s gang into a cave entrance to the underworld, and they managed to give Jerky the slip after the remains of an eyeball creature tried consuming him in the middle of their fight. Jerky was last seen falling down a mucous shaft to the pits of the underworld.

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