brainbasherscreamingsoupcopyright2015First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Ticks”

Drink of choice: Kegs

Favorite treat: Moonpies

The toughest moon cheese man Deadwest has ever met, Brainbasher is a two-fisted interstellar macho man from the Crosslands’ twin moons. An obnoxious brute known for towing abandoned spacecrafts and throwing down with wild mutants for fun, Brainbasher is a firm believer in brutality over brains, relying on his fists to get him out of any situation. His violent lifestyle wasn’t appreciated by most, however, until an armada of alien brains invaded the moons for their mineral mines, annihilating all that stood in their way. With more guts and glory than any army could hope to have, Brainbasher battled fist to brain with the cosmic foes, putting an end to their tyranny with the help of Deadwest and Roogaroo. He’s since been recognized as a hero by the moons’ inhabitants and makes regular visits to the Crosslands to join his war buddies for more adventures.


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