Bloody Booger

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Creatures From The Abyss

Drink of choice: Bloody Mary

Favorite treat: Box of Boogers

When Deadwest crashed the gates of hell to save Billy from the Iron Horsemen of Doom, the rider known as Pestilence hocked a sentient loogie to impede the rescue mission. Intercepting Deadwest on a boat in the lower bowels of damnation, the loogie first attacked the ship’s captain, afflicting him with a severe case of booger lips. With the mucousy menace growing at an alarming rate and suffocating the captain, extreme measures were taken by Brainbasher to beat it out of him, but resulted in bloody discharges that spread booger lips to the rest of the passengers. In a last ditch effort to rid themselves of their runny assassin, Doc Rex instructed everyone to hock their blood infused blobs from their passages with all their might which unexpectedly merged into a single booger beast for them to battle. Seemingly impervious to injury, Bloody Booger was stopped by an explosion that supposedly incinerated all traces of him save a small sample Doc Rex contained for later study at Rex Labs.

Being a mucous membrane based creature, Bloody Booger’s body is incredibly malleable and can stretch and deform himself into virtually any shape at will. While he prefers to be up close and personal with his victims by strangling them through their air passages, he can be just as deadly from a distance with projectile snot balls and sticky traps. It’s unknown just how connected Bloody Booger’s conscious is to pieces of him left around or how much if any of a mental link he has with Pestilence. It is suspected, however, he can temporarily duplicate himself and possibly even control the minds of victims he’s oozed into.

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