Screaming Soup! Tribute to Bruce Campbell


A music video tribute to Bruce Campbell and his amazing filmography of work that’s made him the B movie king after 30+ years and over 100 credits in the business. The video above contains at least one clip from nearly every piece of cinematic work Bruce has performed in. You’ll see shots from his humble Super-8 beginnings all the way to the blockbusters he stars in today. We even included clips from the cartoons and video games he’s humorously voiced as well as commercials he hammed up. We only left out his Coen brother appearances where he was barley seen in the backgrounds, voice over work that didn’t have enough (if any) of his appearance, and only a handful of obscure movies and TV shows that most aren’t even aware of. “Could Have Been Me” by The Struts. Stay up to date on all our latest videos by subscribing to our Youtube channel!








.                                                                       “Could Have Been Me”

.                                                                        The Struts

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