Deadwest reviews the Basket Case trilogy while leading the final fight against Buzzkill and his monster misfits in this season finale Halloween special. Cast includes Deadwest, MandyBillyDeadbeat, Catfish, Peyote, TPMummy, Aleena, Fera, Rook, Rabbit Kadabra, Papa Kaka, Heck Machine, Road Rash, Tequila Worm, Eb’nstein, Doc Rex, Dr. Rig R. Mortis, Emotibot, Brainbasher, Roogaroo, Ticking Time Bombs, Pinata, Bloodfreak, Jesse James, Maria Frankenstein, Belial, Ray Wise, Robot Monster, It, Tabanga, Funnybone, and Buzzkill. Special thanks to the Grim Reaper from Your Final Answer. Check out the Reaper’s website (, and subscribe to his Youtube page! Stay up to date on all our latest videos by subscribing to our Youtube channel!

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